Friday, November 5, 2010

Give Till It Hurts - Fill the Plate

This is the time of year in our house that we focus our energy on helping give back to our community. We try to keep the momentum up during the year, and we're generally successful. But in the spirit of renewal I guess we should take some pride in increasing our giving at this time of year.

I've found a new program that has caught my attention and its part of a larger organization called Feeding America (

They sponsor an initiative called Fill the Plate and its mission is to give hungry children a healthy start. They focus on providing meals to kids during the critical times of evenings and weekends when school lunch  programs do not have services.  They have locally based and national programs. I urge you to check it out and join me in giving now and giving through out the year.   Give Now


briskmamma said...

This program is great idea, I think that all children should have proper meal!

briskmamma said...

I am now your follower:

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Frannie said...

Wonderful post, for this time of year and all year long. Thank you for sharing.