Thursday, June 9, 2011

OMG - I'm in Love with Joseph La Rose's Ponies

I just bought the most wonderful vintage shoes from the most wonderful shop. Take a look at these beauties from PearlModern. Such lovely vintage specimens. Their etsy shop is great, but the lovely vintage tidbits they share on their blog are really fab. I've learned a thing or two by spending some time on their blog. Wander around; I think it will be worth your time.

I bought these shoes but this little shop has so many items. If there wasn't a recession going on, I'd load up on theit vintage goodies.  To find more of Pearl's aesthetics go to


Kala said...

Great selections, both the shoes and the dress:)

Retro Junction said...

I love, love maxi dresses. I remember my teen age male cousins complaining when all the girls were wearing them in the 70s, how they preferred the mini. Memories! LOL!

PearlModern said...

We're so happy you love your shoes! Joseph La Rose was a shoe lover's dream. Thanks so much for mentioning our shop and blog, we really appreciate it!