Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jazz Phenomenon: Hailey Niswanger

You've Got to Listen!

A 19 year old Jazz Master!  Hailey is studying here in Boston town at the Berklee School of Music.  But if you listen to this recent performance, you'll agree that she is in command of her saxophone and the entire audience is at her feet.  You will be too.  And even better, she has a album out, Confeddie.  Go down load it right after you listen to this.


Fern said...

You're right she ROCKS! Can't believe she's only 19!!!! I love NPR :) Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed it.

cpeezers said...

Love your blog. And your post below about there being over 5,000 shrugs listed on etsy. Isn't that something!