Saturday, March 6, 2010

The 7 Wonders of Ikea

I took the kids to Ikea to get them bookcases and toy storage bunkers.  Surprisingly, unlike previous trips the kids were really on board to shop for the best organizers and furniture to add to their bedrooms. 

After we had bought more than I wanted to spend, we had a modest lunch in the cafe.  For half the cost of a McDonald's lunch, we actually dined pretty well.  My daughter and I shared the shrimp and hardboild egg open faced sandwich.  My son had carrots and mac and cheese. 

And we got some great furniture that they will use and enjoy.


JCPIII said...

Does Ikea Food mean you have to assemble it yourself?

JVoyage said...

Yes. That's why they hand out allen wrenches with the silverware.