Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Summer I'm Going on a Fan-cation

Last summer we had a stay-cation like so many others. I hate to repeat myself.  Since we don't have the money to travel, I thought why let that stop me.  I'll just take virtual trips to all my fantasy destinations.  I already have the postcards to send home.  And hey, I'm already home. Saves me postage. 

I'm putting together my itinerary right now and am open to suggestions. Where is your fantasy destination?

For sure, I'm going to Paris.  I'd like to go back to Stockholm, its beautiful this time of year.  Maybe I can squeeze in a trip to Napa Valley, too.

So many places, and so little time.  Drop me a line with your suggestions.


sublime said...

Oh HELLO! What an awesome, FABULOUS, and fun idea!

JCPIII said...

Rocky Mountain National Park. Specifically Wild Basin Lodge!!

LeksiDesigns said...

Great idea!