Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ogilvy On Advertising - 1970s classic observations on the Business of Mad Men

I love Ogilvy On Advertising.  I bought this book this fall to continue my love-hate obsession with Mad Men.  The more I look at the ads from the height of the creative era - early 1960s - the more I want to get closer to the process and people who created these amazing ads.

"This is an ad for a razor blade," the headline reads. 2 Aspirin = 1 Razor.  And the copy continues in an inspired way.  Here is a quote from Ogilvy's book that talks about the Big Idea that inspires good copy from the era:
"When asked what was the best asset a man could have A. Lasker (the most astute of all advertising men replied, "Humility in the presence of a good idea" It is horribly difficult to recognize a good idea. . . Research can't help you much, because it cannot predict the cumulative value of an idea, and no idea is big unless it will work for thirty years." What do you think? Big Idea? Or Just Kooky? Take a look

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