Sunday, April 10, 2011

David Sharir - Late to the Party on this Wonderful Artist

I recently had the pleasure of discovering David Sharir's works. I happened upon an old promotional packet created by his Boston gallery, Pucker Safrai. The packet was promoting his spring 1978 exhibit. Well, the works featured were delightful. I found the pieces to be lively and engaging. Perfect mood enhancers as we enter the spring season

And as the world is very small, and I turned to the internet to research Mr. Sharir, I discovered he had another Boston show this winter! Too funny. I'm sorry to have missed it. I've included in this post seriagraphs from the 1978 show.

As he says of his work, "I want to paint life as a feast; and people birds, trees and houses as endlessly celebrating."  Well said.

See the Elephant Tree

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