Monday, April 25, 2011

The Spoils of Easter - Candy Day

Easter is a funny holiday at our house.  Ever since my seven year old discovered that it was all about the candy, we've never gotten any rest.  In our house the day revolves around candy, more so than any other holiday, I think. 

We have some general memory lapse about what the Bunny's tradition is. He actually varies the tradition from year to year. This year, the kids dyed the eggs, hid the eggs around the house, hid some candy around the house.  The eggs and the candy were for the Bunny to take with him. When they went to bed, they left their empty easter baskets by their bedroom doors.

When the bunny came, he left small wrapped presents near the egg nests that the children had scattered throughout the house.  He also brought more candy.  He did not remove any eggs or candy from the house.

When the kids awoke at 6:15am (earlier than they do for Santa), they spied their empty baskets and declared that the Bunny had forgotten our home.  They went downstairs in the hopes they were wrong, and discovered the Bunny had not taken the eggs or candy left for him.  When a suggestion was made to look more carefully, then the hunt was on. Happy discoveries were made of many wrapped gifts, with fresh candy. The day was a success.

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