Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bird World - World of Bird's

We went to the Franklin Park Zoo this weekend.  A pre-Mother's Day treat.  We ranged far and wide in many directions.  I think the highlight was the visit to the Bird Houses that are situated in the western corner of the zoo.

We visited one bird domain where the children are able to purchase small sticks that have bird seed affixed to them. The idea is that the birds are hungry enough to perch on your hand to eat the seed from the stick. it takes a certain amount of fortitude to endure the flocks that alight.  I think we must have arrived right before lunch when they were famished.

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Poetry Dolls said...

We love birds, and the peackock is beautiful! saw your post at Etsy in the "followe eachother" post and thought I'd come by and say "Hi" and follow :)
Bab from poetrydolls