Friday, April 2, 2010

Back to IKEA We Go!

Well, as you'll remember we had a very successful trip to IKEA last month. But, of course, like going to Home Depot, you can't do this shopping all in one trip. We'd bought the wrong shelves for the discontinued shelving unit. And my daughter now wants something pink instead of something practical.  The good news is that we got to have lunch in their cafe - and because it was Friday, we didn't have to fight the crowds.

I enjoyed the yummy shrimp and hard boiled egg sandwich.  The kids had various pasta, carrots, cookies, chocolate milk and french fry combinations.

We left IKEA with a pink table, a night light, some picture frames, some bins from the last chance room and a red door for Jamie's storage unit.  We still need to return the shelves, so I can look forward to another shrimp and sliced hard boiled egg sandwich.

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