Monday, December 13, 2010

Feed Your Community - Feed Your Soul

Tis the season to give. We found a great community feeding program right in our back yard, Community Cooks. Through a very simple concept of providing meals to the hungry - the service has become much more than it appears.

Community Cooks has a simple plan: neighbors can help neighbors by giving at the deepest, most primal level: directly feeding those in need. This concept is more satisfying than donating cans of soup to the local food pantry (although they sponsor food drives, too).

What the folks at Community Cooks devised nearly 20 years ago, was to hook up folks to prepare nutritious meals for families, shelters, basically, their neighbors.  More than 200 families that have agreed to prepare one dish a month to share with one of the agency participants. The cooking family prepares the assigned dish - main course, dessert, sides - and then drops the dish off for the coordinator to deliver to the designated recipient.

Very simple.  The experience, however, is transformative. You prepare in your family kitchen a meal that will feed and sustain another. And in the transfer of food from one to another, the community is sustained.

To learn more about the program, or if you live in our area (Somerville/Cambridge, Mass) volunteer.Contact Community Cooks

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