Monday, March 21, 2011

What to Come on My Fan-vacation?

It's so much more fun to go somewhere. I've decided on a road trip.  You get to see lots of scenery. You can make unscheduled stops. You can pack in foods you like to eat. And if you are having a bad time you can just pick up and go.

So I'm going to travel in style and take my brand new Rambler.  I fell for the sales pitch in the ad, "More go, less dough." What's wrong with that? Rambler Ad

And don't you think traveling down the open road with the top down will be fun.  Now all I have to do is pull out the maps and figure out where to go.  Any suggestions? I'm thinking a trip to Niagara Falls might be nice.  I'll let you know as I start to firm up my plans.

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