Sunday, June 26, 2011

Destination Niagra Falls

 I think we've settled on a vacation destination: the world famous Niagra Falls. I've been charting our course this weekend on Mapquest. From our home in Somerville, Mass, we are approximately 7 hours and 44 minutes of driving time - straight west. That seems doable. Afterall, last summer we drove about 11 hours to get to Prince Edward Island (which was worth every minute of the drive, I must say).

The kids are excited about seeing the Great Falls. Lola, the rising second grader, her response was: "This will be the first falls I've seen as a second grader". Yup, that's true enough.

So I must admit I'm a little daunted by the drive. So I've been researching what is there between here and there. And if anyone has any suggestions, please send them along. Please. And actually if you have suggestions for must do things in Niagra, share with me.

In the meantime, one consolation I have found in my treasure trove of vintage ads, gives me hope that we'll find everyone something to do. It is an ad for New York wines. No problemo.

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