Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Locavores - TV-vores

I ran across this funny ad from the 1960s. Maybe you remember these like I do. Didn't you always crave the glamour of TV dinners. My parents would serve these as a treat whenever they had a night out and we had a baby sitter.

Ahhhhhhh Swansons Frozen Dinners.  With all this talk about Locavores and Meatless Mondays, you'd have thought we'd all forgotten our past.

Compartmentalized food. Processed within an inch of its life. It's no wonder we've gone back to appreciate the natural fare of locally grown food. (But don't you miss that brown gravy?)

Upclose View of Ad


Annette said...

Isn't it funny how we used to think of that as a special treat?! I always went for the dessert first!

Sher said...

Oh yes! I remember them well. The first thing that comes to mind (after the taste of the brown gravy) is the taste of the foil packaging. I swear I can taste now just by thinking about it!