Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Bye, Summer. Hello Apple Harvest!

The leaves are fading, the air is turning crisp. The light has that certain clarity I associate with autumn. And now my thoughts turn to the back yard full of apples. We have one apple tree in our tiny urban back yard. The tree produces apples every other year. In the more than 10 years we've lived in the house, I've turned my back on these apples. Thinking of them as flavorless blobs better suited to the composte pile than the dinner table. Oh, I had tried to make apple sauce at one point - but I was so appalled at the amount of sugar that was required to make them palatable that I just walked away.

Well this year, I opened my mind to the possibility that I could do something with the apples to turn their little blob-y selves to productive members of our household. And I am proud to report that I discovered an amazing recipe for apple chutney. Its called Raisin Hater's Apple Chutney. And its the work of Jessie Knadler of rurallyscrewed. Jessie has a brand new cookbook called Tart and Sweet published by Rodale. I haven't checked out the entire cookbook, but if this recipe is any indication - I'm telling you, there will be bliss in the kitchen at our house.

Find the recipe here.
Get the book here

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Anonymous said...

How cool that you found something you could do with those apples! Persistence paid off!