Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trading Threads

I am obsessed by reusing and recyling. Our blue recycling bin is overflowing when the recycling truck comes by every Friday. It makes me feel so good to see these odds and ends - the "detritus" of our lives, go on to live another life.

Well, I feel that way about the clothes our kids outgrow, learn to hate, or otherwise cast aside.  I have taken many a trip down to the Goodwill Drop box with our old toys, clothes and other mounds of stuff. Well I want to tell you about another solution that I've just started using, ThredUp. Its a place to trade your kids clothes, books and toys, when they are still just like new. That's right, trade. You load up a box, log it on to their website, and then your counterpart in some other part of the world - who is truly searching for the best box of pink frilly girlie outfits for their toddler - can select your box. Its like a swap meet, I guess.  The intneret allows your counterpart to snap up the box, and at the same time the site informed the Post Office to come pick the box up at your house the next day (you can opt out of this if it doesn't work for you.

I have used the service several times recently and it is really a snap. Learn More Here

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