Friday, December 27, 2013

Books Make Great Gifts

I was inspired to offer a new item in the shop this month.

A Vintage Book of the Month Club. I think of this as a great way to find books without leaving the comforts of your own couch.  I offered several flavors and sizes of this concept in my JVoyage shop.  You can choose a genre, a time period, hard back or paperback.

It's all good. I am lucky to live in a town with more than 200 colleges and universities. What does that mean? The library shelves of all these academics are teeming with books. The books come spilling out of homes on Beacon Hill and Back Bay.

I tend to favor the old vintage books that are covered in leather or marbeled papers. But like the saying goes, "there is no such thing as a bad book".

I've enjoyed putting together the monthly shipments for the many generous customers that are buying for themselves and buying for others.

Vintage Book of the Month Club
Vintage Art Book Club
Vintage Cookbook Club

My favorite category is called, "Surprise Me". Several of my customers have said they enjoy the adventure of discovering something new and unexpected on their doorstep each month.

Do you have a favorite genre?

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