Sunday, August 17, 2014

Star Trek - My Alternate Universe

My son is obsessed with Star Trek. This is a relatively benign thing since he's 14 not 34. (Ask me how this turns out 20 years from now. ha!). He's watched countless, I mean, countless hours of all things Star Trek. He doesn't seem to prefer any flavor of show or starship - his interests are pretty eclectic.

For Christmas last year, we gave him tickets to the Star Trek Convention that is held in Boston. He was out of his mind excited.  I don't think he enjoyed it as much as he enjoys his favorite on-line game, Star Trek On-line (STO).

And on the horizon is a new Star Trek adventure, Star Trek Timelines, which will launch in early 2015. We met the producers at the convention. They were awesome. Into the theme, but dedicated to creating an experience that explored the science and adventure part of the Star Trek mythology. Less emphasis on conquering and invading new worlds.  It should be a great adventure, if they pull it off.

We've even found space themed restaurants to continue the obsession in the physical world. In fact just today, we enjoyed lunch at Flying Saucer Pizza in Salem, Mass. It is themed up to the hilt with space. Especially poignant today was seeing the autographed photo of Robin Williams from his Mork and Mindy days.  We ordered an amazing pizza with burratta, meatballs, sauce and cheese. Over the moon good.

Tonight we're looking to watch Start Trek Into Darkness. And happy days, its available on Amazon Prime. It's a great riff on the Kirk/Spock years. We'll enjoy it one more time tonight!@#!

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