Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Third Dimension of Creativity is only a Click Away

Have you ever been inspired to create something really amazing.  Well there is new technology that allows anyone with a good idea to create something totally unique. 

I went to a conference last year, Hello Etsy. A panel of creative types were describing the new trends in the maker-sphere that most excited them. Several panelists identified their top creative trend to watch as 3D Printing.  In fact, one participant mentioned he had his own 3D printer at home so his daughters could create their own doll furniture.  Amazing!

And now one year later, in my neighborhood, there is a local 3D print shop.  I walk past it every day and marvel at the objects that people are creating.  And if you don't live near a 3D print shop, you can use your favorite massive on-line shopping conglomerate as your virtual local print shop.
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